Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The Rules of the Game

The definition of Restless is hard to define. While not technically a game, it is a combination of a board game and a "choose your own adventure" book. It can be played solo, or by multiple players. The object, if there really is one, is merely to investigate a haunted house, and try an determine the story that had transpired many years ago through the various haunts that the players will experience (in glorious text descriptions!).

There is no real "winning condition," as players can simply start over and cover ground that they may have missed for further clues. Also, there really is no way of preventing players from clicking on everything and getting every single morsel of information. But doing that would ruin the fun... I think.

The ghosts that reside in the empty manor on Whisper Hill will sometimes lead the players through their actions; however, it should be noted that the ghosts do not necessarily follow a strict, ordered time table of exactly how things originally occured when they were alive.

Additionally, the ghosts have different levels of activity based on how "quiet" a room is at any given time. So a small group of investigators will have a good chance of getting different information during a particular haunt than a single player. However, if there's a group in a haunt, it is entirely possible that different players will experience different things; it will be up to the players to decide which was the correct understanding of events.

The game is designed to be played solo, or with multiple players. In fact, there's no reason that a single person could not run multiple "characters" around the house, if he wants a multi-player experience.

To play Restless...
-->You will need to download the map of Whisper Hill Manor.
--> Some type of pawn so you will remember what room you are in.
-->You will also need a sheet of paper to keep track of your stats and possible items you have collected.

On you sheet of paper, you will need to draw the follow grid:
Before you start the game, cross out any three spaces on the grid. It should be noted that if at any point of the game, if all four spaces of any row in your grid becomes crossed out, you are forced to leave the game.

All players start the game in the 1st Floor Hallway (place your pawns there).

A) A turn consists of, simply enough, moving your pawn up to two rooms away from where you currently are now. (You may stay in the same room if you don't wish to move).
B) Following the click-throughs in the next blog entry, and reading the descriptions and following the directions. The directions mostly will be crossing off more spaces on your grid or possibly making note of collecting an item. A new blog entry will materialize roughly one per work day (Monday through Friday), if I am able.

Notes about moving:
Stairs are not considered to be rooms, just ways to get to other floors.
Example: From the 1st Floor Hallway, you can move to the 2nd Floor Hallway, then finally to the Master Bedroom.
Example: From the Cellar, you can move to the Storage Room, then to the Kitchen.

Notes about the blog entries:
Blog entries will just have clickable room names. If you are in a room that is not on the list for a given day's entry, then nothing of note happened in your room. Clicking on a room that you are in will send you outside of the blog system, to another .html page, which will typically have a list of choices based on various stats and requirements. Clicking on these will then describe various things that you can see. The "branches" of these selections have a very specific format which will lead you through which player gets to select what, which will be described in detail on the first description entry. After that, you'll be left on your own.

Descriptions are meant to ONLY BE READ ONCE! Trying to memorize everything, while entirely possible, I believe will ruin the the experience. part of the fun is trying to explain what your read, or at least, trying to remember what you read, to other members of your group, and correlationg those facts with others. Exactly memorizing everything I think will ruin that. Of course, there's no way I can stop you, either. And I'm not much of a writer; it's not like there's going to be tons of details in the descriptions.

Throughout the game, players will be asked to fill out their grid by crossing out spaces. If at anytime any row in the grid is entirely crossed, that player has become "spooked out" and leaves the Manor, and cannot continue the game.

Other than that, that's the game.

And sadly, yes, the faceless girl in the logo is a stolen image (Thanks Google Image Search!). I can not claim it as my own.

Episode 1 will be up...eventually.